Hair Care

How To Care For Your  Hair  Extensions?
  1. Before installing your hair by  following these suggested  tips the hair can last up to one year and more.
  2. Co-wash your extensions with Lukewarm water with a moisturizing conditioner.
  3. Allow  your extensions  to air dry directly after washing it.
  4. Seal your wefts after your extensions are completely dry to avoid shedding once the extensions are cut.
  5. Wash the extensions every two weeks to get rid of dirt and oil build up.
  6. Completely comb through and detangle the hair before washing it.
  7. Brush the hair daily starting from ends and work your way up to the roots.
  8. Keep hair moisturized to avoid dryness and breakage.
  9. Wrap your hair at night with a satin bonnet or silk scarf to prevent friction while sleeping.
Limit Heat:
  • For wavy and curly hair extensions you need only a mist spray bottle and water.
  • Simply spray the water onto the hair and comb  the hair.
Recommended  Products:
  • TRESemme Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Garnier Fructis Serum Anti Frizz
  • Herbal Essences, Hello Hydration